Can I have extra guac with that? 6 Places to have lunch in Sheffield

It’s officially my last week in Sheffield. My three years of media studies have come to an end in this gloriously green city. I hadn’t made the most of my time here and in one of my previous posts decided to embark on a Sheffield bucket list; most of the places were food related of […]

My Week In Amsterdam

So last week me and my boyfriend took a trip to famous canal city of Amsterdam also well known for it’s erm more relaxed laws on certain plants ( we all know I mean weed and some other natural drugs like shrooms) Although having taken the day off work before our trip I somehow still […]

Love, Limzy

Friday night I lost my phone, somewhere inbetween attempting to have a night out and sitting in a taxi. Now I’ve been forced to view and keep up with all my favorite social media sites on the laptop as apposed to the bite size mobile app version. And my goodness it has been amazing, there’s […]