Black Girl Reads

Since I started getting back into reading last year, I decided to make two changes to my reading habits. First, to read a more diverse range of books, which has lead me to comics, thrillers and science fiction. For the second, I was inspired by an article by Gal-Dem, which had a list of comics […]

4 books down, only 96 to go

I had been making slow progress with my reading, as my boyfriend pointed out I should be reading around 8 books a month to make my goal. I was in a bit of a panic after week two, I was back at work, back at uni and I was trying to sort out myself into […]

The Raven Boys

At around 2 am this morning, I finished reading the last of The Raven Boys series, a series that had gripped me from the beginning. I have giving lots of away so check out the website! Maggie Stiefvater is a brilliant writer who has come out with another chilling series called shiver. I only read […]

Something for World Book Day

Books are beautiful things, they hold all sorts of life changing stories and wisdom. So, to share with you some books that hold a few of the best life lessons we spoke to two experts on the topic. Lindsey Kehres is a lifestyle and travel blogger, who gets our stamp of approval after reading over […]

My Top 5 Summer Reads

Summer has arrived (literally we had the hottest day of the year last wednesday!) and my favourite thing to do other eat ice lollies and fruit is to read, especially on the days where its so hot you can’t even deal with being outside. So I decided to share my summer reads so far and […]

Decisions Decisions

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written a post but I’ve just been busy trying to get into a good workout/work/uni routine. Still not going so well… But this weekend I got to go home and do one of the most important things of the Christmas season: putting up the decorations. Every year […]

New Discoveries

I’ve recently started reading a book called “100 Ways to Improve Your Writing”, the book is designed to help you improve not only your writing technique but gives tips and advice.( would definitely recommend to all seeking to improve their writing; it’s really simple and easy to understand) In the first chapter it recommends you […]