Riverdale – Next Gen 

So today Netflix/the CW released the first episode of the their darker and edgier take on the classic come Archie comics I know.  The show features an immensely beautiful cast of teens. It even has Cole Sprouse from Suite Life! It’s set in suburban America and within the first episode we get a potential murder […]

I’m in love with spring

It’s a Monday afternoon and the weather is horrible, pale grey sky and lazy rain. Despite this I am feeling so cheery because it’s spring, and we are one step closer to sunny days, flower blossoms and cute sometimes annoying little children running around fountains naked. Ah, this is what spring in England is all […]

Moments of Clarity

*Spoiler Alert* Some minor/major The Good Wife spoilers!! I just finished episode 13 of the current The Good Wife series and it was amazing. For some of you that don’t know The Good Wife is an american TV drama that follows the life of Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies), mother of two, wife of a state’s attorney […]