Review: LUSH’s Jelly Facemask, Just To Clarify

A review of LUSH’s new jelly face masks.


Can I have extra guac with that? 6 Places to have lunch in Sheffield

It’s officially my last week in Sheffield. My three years of media studies have come to an end in this gloriously green city. I hadn’t made the most of my time here and in one of my previous posts decided to embark on a Sheffield bucket list; most of the places were food related of […]

Part 3: So, who’s responsible for all this fancy tech?

Artificial Intelligence is already responsible for making a number of decisions that have implications on real people’s lives. There is an ongoing debate, with people discussing how much control should be given to these machines and whether it is at all ethical that these machines have so much power over human lives. Technology is something […]

Into the world of Artificial Intelligence aka A.I.

You may remember that at uni I’ve been doing a media technologies module. I love this module because although I’m a part of a generation that has grown-up constantly surrounded by technology, there is still so much I take for granted or don’t fully understand about it. I love science fiction films and novels, one […]