5 Things I learnt From Chris Rocks ‘Good Hair’

Chris Rock’s documentary taught me a few things about my own hair.


I’m in love with spring

It’s a Monday afternoon and the weather is horrible, pale grey sky and lazy rain. Despite this I am feeling so cheery because it’s spring, and we are one step closer to sunny days, flower blossoms and cute sometimes annoying little children running around fountains naked. Ah, this is what spring in England is all […]

Something for World Book Day

Books are beautiful things, they hold all sorts of life changing stories and wisdom. So, to share with you some books that hold a few of the best life lessons we spoke to two experts on the topic. Lindsey Kehres is a lifestyle and travel blogger, who gets our stamp of approval after reading over […]

My Top 5 Summer Reads

Summer has arrived (literally we had the hottest day of the year last wednesday!) and my favourite thing to do other eat ice lollies and fruit is to read, especially on the days where its so hot you can’t even deal with being outside. So I decided to share my summer reads so far and […]

My Week In Amsterdam

So last week me and my boyfriend took a trip to famous canal city of Amsterdam also well known for it’s erm more relaxed laws on certain plants ( we all know I mean weed and some other natural drugs like shrooms) Although having taken the day off work before our trip I somehow still […]

Wardrobe Essential : Little Black Dress

Since I got my first job, I keep meaning to build up my wardrobe and save for timeless pieces but somehow I always get side tracked. When I say timeless pieces I mean both good value basics that never go out of style and also unique pieces that I can have for years and years […]