I’m in love with spring

It’s a Monday afternoon and the weather is horrible, pale grey sky and lazy rain. Despite this I am feeling so cheery because it’s spring, and we are one step closer to sunny days, flower blossoms and cute sometimes annoying little children running around fountains naked. Ah, this is what spring in England is all […]

Bras Bras and More Bras.

As a girl with a smaller than average waist and much larger cup size of 30FF it’s extremely hard to find a bra that’s beautiful and doesn’t blow you’re entire life savings. Although the alternative more widely stocked sizes it’s always such a nicer fit and feeling to wear you’re actual size. Most standard retail […]

The Bold and Creative

This week I took a trip to one of my favourite museums in London the Victoria & Albert Museum, located in South Kensington and just a short ride away from central line (this is where oxford street and bond street are located). To see one of the most raved about exhibits and showcases of a single […]