Black Girl Reads

Since I started getting back into reading last year, I decided to make two changes to my reading habits. First, to read a more diverse range of books, which has lead me to comics, thrillers and science fiction. For the second, I was inspired by an article by Gal-Dem, which had a list of comics […]

4 books down, only 96 to go

I had been making slow progress with my reading, as my boyfriend pointed out I should be reading around 8 books a month to make my goal. I was in a bit of a panic after week two, I was back at work, back at uni and I was trying to sort out myself into […]

The Raven Boys

At around 2 am this morning, I finished reading the last of The Raven Boys series, a series that had gripped me from the beginning. I have giving lots of away so check out the website! Maggie Stiefvater is a brilliant writer who has come out with another chilling series called shiver. I only read […]

Something for World Book Day

Books are beautiful things, they hold all sorts of life changing stories and wisdom. So, to share with you some books that hold a few of the best life lessons we spoke to two experts on the topic. Lindsey Kehres is a lifestyle and travel blogger, who gets our stamp of approval after reading over […]