Black Girl Reads

Since I started getting back into reading last year, I decided to make two changes to my reading habits. First, to read a more diverse range of books, which has lead me to comics, thrillers and science fiction. For the second, I was inspired by an article by Gal-Dem, which had a list of comics […]

Can I have extra guac with that? 6 Places to have lunch in Sheffield

It’s officially my last week in Sheffield. My three years of media studies have come to an end in this gloriously green city. I hadn’t made the most of my time here and in one of my previous posts decided to embark on a Sheffield bucket list; most of the places were food related of […]

4 books down, only 96 to go

I had been making slow progress with my reading, as my boyfriend pointed out I should be reading around 8 books a month to make my goal. I was in a bit of a panic after week two, I was back at work, back at uni and I was trying to sort out myself into […]

Riverdale – Next Gen 

So today Netflix/the CW released the first episode of the their darker and edgier take on the classic come Archie comics I know.  The show features an immensely beautiful cast of teens. It even has Cole Sprouse from Suite Life! It’s set in suburban America and within the first episode we get a potential murder […]

Part 3: So, who’s responsible for all this fancy tech?

Artificial Intelligence is already responsible for making a number of decisions that have implications on real people’s lives. There is an ongoing debate, with people discussing how much control should be given to these machines and whether it is at all ethical that these machines have so much power over human lives. Technology is something […]