Review: LUSH’s Jelly Facemask, Just To Clarify

LUSH always make interesting innovative products, from their play-dough textured FUN to their solid deodorants that are both super handy for travelling. And now they have reinvented some of their classics and given us some entirely new weird and wonderful products. Their hot oil treatments have been revamped and extended and some of the year-round gifts have been repackaged (but the old Honey Bee packaging came with a beautiful knot wrap) They have also created jelly face masks and jelly bath bombs!

I was sceptical of the Jelly Face Masks because I prefer masks that end up drying on the face than the ones that remain wet.  BUT I have been pushing myself to do and try more things so I made a purchase.

The range includes 5 different face masks all with appropriately LUSHie names.

Just to Clarify, FOMO, Bunny Moon, 1000 Millihelens, The Birth Of Venus

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I tried out Just To Clarify, which has brightening Papaya and Bamboo stem for exfoliation Grapefruit and Bergamot to pick you up. I chose this because all though I have managed to get rid of my acne it’s the scars and blemishes that still remain and bother me quite a bit and I love masks that work as scrub too.

The mask smelled amazing, and its texture is every bit as wobbly as you would expect. I was skeptical as to what kind of coverage it would offer as I usually like to lay on my mask quite thick. In the website description, it says that the mask foams as you rub it between your hands. I think I had expected it to properly foam up like mouse but it wasn’t really there. It also dries up quite quickly which made it harder to get a thick, even coverage.


It was easy to remove and I think the Carrageenan extract (Seaweed), gave it a moisturizing aspect which made my skin feel super soft and supple.


Overall, I’d give a 3/5 the texture was fun and exciting but ultimately nothing really made it feel any different from the other masks. I’ll continue to use this in my weekly routine and update you on the effects in a month or two.



haven’t managed to get one of the Jelly Bath Bombs yet but there are 3 available:

The Big Sleep


Green Coconut

I did get myself a cute little rocket ship bath bomb called Rocket Science, it’s a citrusy bath bomb that has Sicilian Lemon Oil and Bergamot Oil as its main scents. In the bath it was amazing, probably one of the longest fizzers.


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