30 things to do before 30

I have nearly come to the end of my degree, which means I’m about to enter the proper adult world of council tax and no 3 month summer holidays. It’s been daunting but exciting, I’ll gain a new kind of freedom that I’ve never had before. No support from student finance and hopefully less from mum.

I began making a list around january time of things I wanted to do with my life before, I kind of become grounded in anyone place. A bucket list of sorts but also kind of personal development plan. I’m going to do some things I definitely don’t want to but will, just to conquer that fear. Some things just for the fun of it and others to gain a broader perspective on life.

  1. Have had at least 7 different hair colours
  2. Visit 30 different countries
  3. Buy a Marc Jacobs bag
  4. Live alone
  5. Live abroad
  6. Bungee jump
  7. Read 5 of the classics
  8. Watch all of the imdb top 100 films
  9. Conquer fear of snakes/ touch snake for at least 10 seconds without running away
  10. See the Northern Lights
  11. Swim/jump into a waterfall
  12. Visit New York
  13. Pilgrimage to Jerusalem
  14. Build a treehouse
  15. Have a spa day
  16. Go to Zimbabwe and meet my family
  17. Grow a Willow tree
  18. Watch the sunrise
  19. Surprise my mum with something amazing
  20. Meet Kanye West
  21. Go to a concert of one of my favourite artists
  22. Have a body/mindset you love wholeheartedly
  23. Go on a spontaneous trip to a random destination
  24. Throw an amazing 30th birthday party
  25. Learn to speak semi-fluent Spanish/German
  26. Star a pension fund
  27. Grow my natural hair at least 10 inches long

It’s not a full 30 but I thought I would save a little space for things that might pop up in the future. You never know what will happen or where you will end up but it’s still nice to have little goals to work towards and I guess that’s what these are. I’ll keep you updated,and do seperate posts on each, to tell you more about why I want to do these things.

The next upcoming one will probably be a new hair colour. I have a holiday coming up and have been thinking about wither going ombre pink or a deep forest green.


Lynn ‘xo


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