My very first spa experience

Last year I had planned to take myself on a little spa day for my birthday but as you can tell from the title, it fell through. But this year I have been fortunate enough to  have the opportunity to go the LUSH Spa in Leeds.
I’ve been to Leeds only a handful of times, most of which have been spent in my bestfriends room, hanging out. But I’d arrived super early to my appointment, which gave me time to just roam (get lost) in the city centre. It is so clean and modern! And really uses the northern hilliness to it’s advantage.

I went for the Synesthesia treatment which is a full body massage. Each treatment is tailored to you and includes a consultation where you pick a words that describe what you want from the experience and how you want it to make you feel. It was all very vintage and Alice in Wonderlandish with the small bottles engraved with curious words.

I’ve never been for any kind if massage or spa treatments and was apprehensive when they said I would have a male masseuse. But it all worked out fine! He had a very calming voice and was super professional so I always felt comfortable. 

They play a soundtrack of birds in the countryside. Taking you from early morning chirping to the late night soothing songs. It’s intended to give the illusion of time passing; which it really does do! They also match hand movements to the beat.

 As much as I tried to stay awake, I was just so relaxed and warm (heated bed/blanket) that I fell asleep somewhere towards the end. 

I loved it so much I’m already planning my next Spa experience. Potentially getting The Planets treatment which is even longer and also includes a facial! 


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