Part 4: A conclusion to our discussion on AI

And so I have come to the end of my four part series on AI. It’s been an interesting and eye opening journey, I have learnt the meaning of true Artificial Intelligence and the various forms it can take and discussed how it has been implemented in the present and the way it may shape our society in the future. And so, in this final post I will summarise all the information together, and hopefully come to some sort of conclusion.

I have found out that Artificial Intelligence is unavoidable and will continue to develop. It will likely one day take a physical form very close to our own. It’s the human condition to always want to improve and better ourselves and technology is no exception to this. Industry professionals and experts like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have also warned of the dangers of AI technology and emphasised the need to regulate and monitor its development.

Many theorists and experts in the technology field, say we are still  20 – 50 years away from fully functional and autonomous General Purpose AI, but I think the reality of this is much closer. Companies like Hanson robotics are a prime example of this, and a reason why we need to have actions in place ready for when these AI are fully functional and are so seamlessly integrated in society.

So before we reach that step, we should be creating precautionary measures that protect those that may be left behind by this progress. By this I mean the workers and people who would be displaced by these growing intelligences. Sam Harris, predicts that in the future, we will have an extensively wide gap between the rich and the poor; the poor most likely being those displaced workers and by having say a universal income for all we can protect ourselves from such a fate. This is something that has recently been suggested in Switzerland and will be piloted other European countries will be testing this year.

But it is also important that this technology is not hindered by governance and is allowed to grow and develop. As seen in some of the videos, AI technology has the potential for so much good, researchers have said it has the potential to solve many world problems. And maybe in this case the potential good outweighs the bad.



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